Bandwidths, Firewalls, and System Failures – Oh My!

It\’s been a while since I added a post, but I have been working quietly behind the scenes. The Member\’s Area has been becoming increasingly problematic. I\’ve received MANY messages asking why the web page shows-up blank, or why the PDF doesn\’t load. These problems seemed to be becoming more frequent.
Well, just after Easter I dislocated three ribs – although it took my 6 weeks to figure that out (I thought it was a badly pulled muscle). So, I\’ve been on a no lift – on stretch – no reach restriction since mid-May. My point is, I\’ve used my \”free\” time to figure out the problem with the members area. After I learning about bandwidths and firewalls, I discovered that those technical topics, along with a general server issue, seem to be a large part of the problem with the Member\’s Area site.
After giving the situation a lot of thought, I decided to shut down the members area. I\’m moving the files into my shop. They are still free, so have no fear!  
This move should alleviate the bandwidth issues on the PDF server. And I hope that the shop site will offer less trouble to the users who work in schools or other businesses who have firewall security systems.

I\’d like your help, too.
I have tried to make sure that I redirected all the members area files to the shop site, but if you do happen to find a link here on the blog that takes you to the closed members area instead of a helpful listing in the shop, please feel free to let me know. I\’m sure I missed a few and I\’d love your help locating the posts I missed.

Better than Before
Since the shop is laid out in a much better fashion than the members site was, I do hope this new set-up will be faster and easier for you all to find what you are looking for!  It even has a search bar to help you find a topic/file easier! 

Go and Enjoy!
Now, feel free to visit our shop and enjoy these free downloads! Please, consider purchasing a few of our other files, too. These purchased files are what keep the site afloat!

Visit both our shops:

Well, that\’s it for now. I hope to be back soon with more Catholic Inspired craft posts for you to use!
Thanks and God bless!

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