Stations of the Cross ~ Lift-Flap Notebook Page and a Mini Booklet

Hi Everyone! I’ve added a few Stations of the Cross printable pages to our shop (it’s free)! One is a lift-flap notebook page and the other is a Stations of the Cross mini booklet!
I used the notebook page for my younger kids. And we added these to their notebook (3 ring binder) which holds the many other pages we have made during the school year.

The mini booklets were great for my older kids, but also loved by my younger kids. They can be carried in their pocket or purse during this Lenten season as a reminder to meditate on the Stations and Christ passion whenever they have a few free minutes.

1. Lift-Flap Notebook Page
To make the lift-flap page you will need:
Color the images. Cut out the rectangles along the dotted lines and cut between the station’s title boxes.  Glue or tape the top of each section in the proper place on the sheet which includes a black and white image of each of the stations.
After you have it all glued down you can lift the flaps and see an image for the station’s title.
2. Stations of the Cross Mini Booklet
The other file I’ve listed in the members area is a mini booklet! It’s small enough to be carried easily in a pocket or a purse!
You will need:
Just color the black and white pictures (optional). Older kids often prefer it uncolored.
 Then, cut and fold the pages as directed in the pdf file.
Instructions on how to fold the pages and assemble the booklet are included in the PDF.
Both of these projects are easy to create, take very little time, and are not a huge mess to make!
Hope you are all having an enlightening Lent!
Please pray for me and my family. I’m praying for all of you.

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