Kateri Tekakwitha Cross and Beads Necklace Craft

Here’s a fun, simple, craft for girls to create. It would be good for Kateri Tekakwitha’s feast day! My little girls love necklaces so it was a hit, but they did need help cutting the felt crosses and using the needle.
You will need:
  • brown felt
  • string (we used embroidery thread)
  • pony beads 
  • scissors
  • needle (large enough to use on your string)
Cut out a cross shape from your felt
Thread your string through the top of your cross. Try to keep the string’s entry and exit close to the edge of the cross. That helps to prevent the cross from bunching up when you add the beads.
Now add some your beads to the string on each side of the cross.
Tie a knot in the ends to create a necklace 
Bl. Kateri, pray for us!!
Remember she’s being canonized in Oct. 21, 2012!!!!!!!
YAHhhhh!!!! 😀
God bless.

8 thoughts

  1. So cute! The necklaces will be perfect with the vests you featured a few days ago. I hope you share your celebration on Saturday. I'm still figuring out what I want to do. Any ideas for a 20 month old.

  2. Thanks Karri! Ya, my kids are dresses to the best in paper bag indian vests, indian headbands and now a beaded necklaces!!! They are just the cutest! 😉 As for a 20 month old…Maybe she'd like a tee-pee tent made from bed sheets? Or a indian drum? Those are nice activities to toddlers! I look forward to seeing your celebration when you share it!!God Bless!

  3. Thanks, Tina Marie!I took a look at your post! Your daughter did a great job!! It's so sweet! I love it!Thanks for sharing it! God bless!

  4. Jennifer, this is great! What girl doesn't love beads?! The awesome thing about this craft is that I have almost all of the supplies at home. I will have to go get some brown felt. My daughter and I were just talking about Blessed Kateri because her older cousin gave her a hand-me-down American Girl doll (Kaya) that looks like Blessed Kateri. In fact, this week my daughter is attending a American Girl camp that some teens in our parish are running. This will be a perfect craft to go along. Thanks!

  5. That is so fun!! She's a luck gal!! Oh and yes, girls love beads! God Bless!!

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